Zoom is actually a Chinese or American company

Zoom is actually a Chinese or American company

Zoom is actually a Chinese or American company – It seems that there are still quite a lot of people who are confused. Zoom is actually which company, China or the United States? One of them is a spokesman for the US parliament, Nancy Pelosi
Pelosi said that Zoom, which is on the rise, is an entity that originated from China, so security is doubtful. Zoom is indeed being highlighted because of the issue of zoom bombing where there are foreign parties can infiltrate the conversation until the case of account theft by hackers.

Zoom is a Chinese entity, told us not to trust its security, said the Democratic Party member, as quoted by CNBC.

However, that statement is wrong because Zoom is a United States company. Zoom was founded in 2011 and registered in the city of Delaware.

Then its headquarters are in Santa Clara, also in America. The founder and CEO, Eric Yuan, was born and raised in China, only moved to the United States in 1997. However, at this time, he is certain to have US citizenship.

Indeed, this company has something to do with China, although it did not originate there. The Zoom development team is known to be mostly in China, as is the research and development center.

Then the conversation in Zoom is also sometimes directed to Poker Online Medan data centers in China, one of the things that makes them criticized. But at this time, Zoom has given options for paid users where they can choose to use data centers in the area as they wish.

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