Waiting for the Champions League and Europa League Fate

Waiting for the Champions League and Europa League Fate – The meeting of 55 football associations under the banner of the European Football Federation (UEFA) via video conference on Tuesday (17/3) still leaves two major tournaments that have not yet been decided. The two tournaments are the Champions League and the Europa League.

The new UEFA decided European Cup 2020 which was postponed in the summer of 2021 and gave the domestic leagues the opportunity to complete the 2019/2020 season no later than 30 June. This is one of the solutions to the crisis that is happening in European football because of the impact of the new corona virus or covid-19.

A work unit was formed to discuss how the match schedule for the 2019/2020 season to finish in accordance with the time specified in the middle of the pandemic. The hope, after June is to know who the teams that qualify for the Champions League and the European League next season.

Waiting for the Champions League and Europa League Fate

But of course discussions about the future of football in Europe will continue in the next few days, as reported by ESPN, Wednesday (18/3). The uncertain situation did not guarantee that football matches in Europe would be held again.

The holding of a competition will also depend on state policies, some of which currently have a lockdown. Italy, France, Spain and Norway have done it. Britain also asked its citizens to temporarily leave the house for the next two weeks.

According to a UEFA source to ESPN, the different crises in each country is the reason the Champions League and Europa League have not found a definitive answer when it will continue. Although, there is a team from the country with the corona crisis that has been completed, but it does not guarantee that other countries will also experience the same conditions.

If, for example, Atletico Madrid are interested in playing against RB Leipzig, will their players be allowed to enter Germany without entering a period of self-isolation? Can they return to Spain without entering quarantine once again? said the source.

Most countries in Europe also forbid their citizens from making international flights. According to the UEFA source, this was a matter that was also noted because when the ban was lifted was uncertain. Jual Beli

This is also a factor why the knockout match at a neutral venue has proven to be impractical. One country, which accommodates teams from two different countries, will look impossible for months, at this stage, the source added.

UEFA hopes the corona pandemic will gradually end within the next month so that it can return to holding the match, even if it is held in private. The European Football Authority is indeed considering using the final four format for completing the Champions League and Europa League 2019/2020 season. The semifinals and finals of the two biggest club competitions on the Blue Continent will be held in one match in four days in neutral ground.

The city of Istanbul, Turkey, and the city of Gdansk, Poland, were glimpsed to become the venue for the two tournament matches. But the question that arises in the discussion also arises whether Turkey and Poland are willing to accept teams from four different European countries that have just been isolated because of corona?

In addition, UEFA also considers the business impact if the Champions League and Europe change the format of the match. Meanwhile, the two tournaments have just entered the last 16. Clubs and television broadcasting rights holders will clearly receive losses if the match is held in just one match in the knockout system.

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