Use Mobile Phones, Russia Monitor Corona ODP Virus

Use Mobile Phones, Russia Monitor Corona ODP Virus – The Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, gave his subordinates five days to create a Corona virus Insider ODP (COVID-19) tracking system. Mishustin asked that the system utilize the geolocation features available on mobile phones.

With this new system, citizens will get a notification whether they have had contact with those who have contracted the Corona virus, as quoted by Reuters news agency on Monday, March 23, 2020.

Mishustin continued that this system would not only be for citizens. He added, the system was also in the interests of the government, in order to find out how far and far the Corona virus was spread in Russia and what action should be taken.

Regarding privacy, Mishustin guarantees that this system will be legal. He said, the Kremlin (Russia’s central government) ensured that a similar system was allowed because it was needed for the handling of the Corona virus. Kartu Poker

The Ministry of Communication confirmed that Mishustin had requested the development of the Corona virus ODP tracking system. Utilizing the geolocation feature found in modern mobile phones, this system will check whoever cell phone users are close to Corona virus patients.

“If it has been identified, the system will automatically send notifications to immediately quarantine themselves,” based on information from the Russian Ministry of Communications.

Beyond the tracking system that is being developed, Russia is gradually tightening its character. Although their cases are relatively small compared to other European countries (367 cases, 1 victim died), Russia does not want to suffer the same fate as Italy where it is overwhelmed by the Corona virus.

Some of the steps that Russia has taken so far are preparing the national health system and limiting the movement of its citizens. In addition, elderly residents, who are vulnerable to the Corona virus, are asked to settle at home or live in Dachas, a vacation home that is usually located in a rural area.

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