Tsunami Victims’ Houses is Targeted To Be Completed Before Eid

Construction of permanent housing (Huntap) for 706 families of victims of the Sunda Strait tsunami victims is expected to be completed before Idul Fitri.

This was revealed when the Pandeglang Regent Irna Narulita met with the Deputy for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Rifai in the Pandeglang Regency Hall, in Panseglang, Wednesday.

The Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Pandeglang Surya Darmawan said the Huntap development funds had already been included in the Pandeglang Regency Budget Planning Document (DPA) in 2020.

Tsunami Victims’ Houses is Targeted To Be Completed Before Eid

Tsunami Victims' Houses is Targeted To Be Completed Before Eid

“The budget for Huntap is approximately Rp. 69.7 billion and for the construction of affected roads and bridges is Rp. 5.19 billion,” Surya said.

The Huntap development process has been carried out since January 2020. Several administrative processes have been prepared, starting from the technical team, to the Terms of Reference (KAK).

“Right now we are starting to procure and the auction has entered the Procurement Services Unit (ULP),” he said. ceme online

According to Surya, there are eight points for hunting, namely in Sukarame Village Carita District, Banyu Mekar Village Labuan District, Mekarsari Panimbang District, Des Sumberjaya Sumur District, Tunggal Jaya Village Sumur District, Cigorondong Sumur District, Tamanjaya Sumur District and Ujung Jaya District of Sumur.

“For all land that is ready, only Sumber Jaya has less than 4 hectares, but there are residents’ lands that are ready to be built and payments can be made at the end of the year by an agreement first,” he said.

While Pandeglang Regent Irna Narulita asked the Head of Pandeglang BPBD to coordinate with the LKPP so that the auction could run quickly and smoothly.

“Indeed, there are rules for time limits in the procurement process, but I hope it will not be too long because of the connection with the disaster. Poor people who are currently waiting for the construction of Huntap,” said Irna

Irna expressed his gratitude to the Banten Provincial Government and the Central Government in the handling of the Sunda Strait tsunami disaster in Pandeglang Regency.

“Hopefully this huntap will be finished soon before Hari Raya, so that the Lebaran victims will have permanent residences,” said Irna.

Deputy of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of BNPB Rifai said, the aim was to come to Pandeglang in the context of accelerating the development of Huntap.

He said, administration in the procurement of the auction is expected to be no problem because this is related to the disaster.

“Law no.24 of 2007 article 77 explains that anyone who deliberately impedes ease of access as referred to in Article 50 paragraph (1) shall be sentenced,” he said.

He said disaster management in Pandeglang was classified as fast. The reason is, of 124 regencies and cities in Indonesia there are still 20 regencies and cities that have not been accommodated.

“Alhamdulillah, Pandeglang Regency, the grant assistance has dropped in December 2019 and entered the regional account, even this year it has entered DPA,” he said.

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