Total War Against Corona

Total War Against Corona – President Joko Widodo’s speech about the corona virus pandemic should be a sign of the government’s seriousness in implementing all mitigation protocols, while at the same time encouraging community solidarity in combating the Covid-19 outbreak. This country really needs both of these things to avoid “paralysis” as experienced by Italy and Spain.

Jokowi’s speech contained claims about the government’s preparedness and appeals for the public to raise awareness in facing corona outbreaks. The President, among other things, stated that he would improve the corona virus testing service, provide an adequate budget, and guarantee adequate food supplies. Jokowi also urged people to do social distance, namely by working, studying, and worshiping at home.

Previously, many community elements made similar appeals when the central government was still underestimating the Covid-19 epidemic. Various groups – organizations, private offices, schools, and individuals – have carried out prevention and mitigation with their own awareness. The government only needs to encourage greater public awareness and solidarity to curb the spread of the corona.

Total War Against Corona

Furthermore, the government has a debt to prove that the readiness claimed in Jokowi’s speech was actually realized in the field. The government, among others, must immediately add a corona virus testing laboratory to reach more people who might have been exposed to the virus.

Decentralized laboratory is needed to prevent buildup and speed up the handling of corona virus suspect. Concentration of examinations in the Ministry of Health laboratory proved ineffective in detecting and arresting outbreaks. At the same time, the government must immediately increase the readiness of all referral hospitals, both in Jakarta and those in the regions.

The central government must also immediately tidy up the coordination and communication with the local government. That’s not only because the area was the spearhead in a total war against the plague. Differences in central and local government policies will only confuse and make people uneasy. 99Bandar

In order to get broad community support, the government must be more honest and transparent in conveying information. Covering up data about corona is not only pointless, but also very dangerous. For example the case of the death of a patient in Cianjur, West Java. Initially, the central government said that the patient was negative with corona. Later, the West Java government proved the opposite. As a result of that disinformation, immediate family, colleagues, and people who have contact with these patients have lost their vigilance and are very vulnerable to contracting corona.

Although a bit late, there is no choice for the Jokowi government but to immediately improve the strategy and tactics in fighting corona. Given the enormity of the threat of the plague, the government can no longer play relaxed or busy covering up information, on the pretext of preventing panic. Society is not an object to be lied to, but rather a subject that needs to be asked for its support and solidarity.

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