Thief In Hong Kong Breaks The Auto Glass For The N95 Mask

Thief In Hong Kong Breaks The Auto Glass For The N95 Mask – In the midst of a corona virus outbreak, masks seem to be a luxury item in Hong Kong. In fact, this object is often the target of theft.

Like this week, the Hong Kong police show pictures of mask theft in a car. The culprit broke the car window in order to get hundreds of masks in it.

Hong Kong Police said on Facebook, Wednesday (12/2), this incident occurred at Xincheng Road on Tuesday morning. Eight boxes containing 160 N95 masks were stolen from the car.

In the photo uploaded by the police, the rear glass of the right side of the car is falling apart. The police investigated the CCTV footage at the location and managed to arrest the perpetrator a day later.

Thief In Hong Kong Breaks The Auto Glass For The N95 Mask

Hong Kong police said the incident occurred amid a high demand for masks due to the corona virus. Masks in China’s autonomous region are valuable items that can be stolen and sold at high prices.

The police reminded the public to guard their belongings, including masks or other personal protective equipment, so as not to be misused, a Hong Kong police statement said.

So far there are 50 people in Hong Kong who are positive for the corona virus. The Hong Kong government has closed almost the entire border with China to prevent transmission.

This outbreak caused panic in the Hong Kong community. Items such as toilet paper and masks start to run out on the market. Link Bandar Ceme

This is not the first time a mask theft case has occurred in Hong Kong. Earlier Monday, as quoted by Asiaone, the theft of a box containing 750 masks took place in a district in the Sham Shui Po district.

The mask owner claimed to have just bought the mask for HKD 3,000 or more than Rp. 5.2 million and put it briefly on the side of the road.

An hour earlier, a woman lost 1,000 masks that had been stolen from her apartment in Tsim Sha Tsui.

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