The figure of a Scottish Man Originated The Name of Indonesia

The figure of a Scottish Man Originated The Name of Indonesia – The name Indonesia began to cling to the events of the Second Youth Congress which took place in October 1928. The name Indonesia as a unifying identity of a modern nation becomes the glue between ethnic groups and religion.

Scottish Man Originated The Name of Indonesia

Do you know the history of the name Indonesia?


Robert Edward Elson in the book The Idea of Indonesia, History of Thought and Idea (2008), said Indonesia was first conceived in 1850 in the form of Indians by travelers and British social observer, George Samuel Windsor Earl.

Earl, when it was looking for ethnographic terms to describe the Polynesian race that inhabits the Indian Islands.

However, after coining the new term, Earl immediately discarded it because it was too general. He replaced it with a term that was considered more specific, namely Malayunesians.

Because according to him, the term Earl gave more appreciation to the Malays who had roamed the entire archipelago before the Europeans.

The figure of a Scottish Man Originated The Name of Indonesia

An Earl colleague, James Richardson Logan, without regard to Earl’s decision, decided that Indonesia was the more appropriate and correct word to use geographical rather than ethnographic terms in the region.

Logan, continues to use the words Indonesia, Indonesian and Indonesians in the sense of geography that is relatively free and not exclusive.

In fact, Logan divides Indonesia into four separate geographical regions, stretching from Sumatra to Formosa (Taiwan).

Logan, his nickname is another lawyer in Berwickshire, Scotland on April 10, 1819.

Actually there were two people who were involved in sparking the name of Indonesia. First are George Samuel Windsor Earl and James Richardson Logan.

In fact, Earl, who first wrote an article in the journal “The Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia” in 1850.

Earl, wrote “The Malayunesian branch of this race”. He proposed a new name for the inhabitants of the Indian Archipelago under the name “Indesians” or “Malay-nesians”.

However, Logan who is the editor-in-chief of the magazine argues a little differently. Logan, prefers and prefers the more practical Indonesian terms.

Logan, argues a geographical term to distinguish the islands from other regions.

According to him, because it is shorter than the long term “Indian Archipelago”. Choose Indonesia as the name of the archipelago, and the population is Indonesian.

Logan’s explanation is, if the Indian region or “the whole Indian Region” is part of the mainland divided by the Bay of Bengal. In the east which is influenced by India is also part of the whole region.

So, Logan, proposed the names India, Ultraindia, or Transindia, and Indonesia. If illustrated if the territory of India is interpreted between Pakistan and North India, South Indi and Southeast Asia. Ceme Online Terpercaya


The name Indonesia was first the identity of a political movement by the Indonesian Association of Organizations. The organization was founded in 1908 by students while continuing their Dutch studies.

Quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), initially the organization was named Indische Vereeniging, then became Indonesicche Vereeniging and changed to the Indonesian Association in 1925.

In 1925, the name of Indonesia was recognized by people abroad. At the International Congress of Democrats in Bieryille near Paris in 1926 the name of Indonesia in lieu of les Indesne’erlandaises was recognized based on the principle “that each nation has the right to self-determination”.

At the Congress of the Anti-Colonial League in February 1927 in Brussels, the Indonesian Association was also active in voicing Colonial crime.

In Tanai Air, the Indonesian Association continues to spread the name of Indonesia through newspapers. The newspaper is then distributed to acquaintances and friends to be used as propaganda.

The Indonesian Association became a pioneer who introduced the word Indonesia in the sense of a unity of the nation, the word Indonesia has a new meaning as the identity of a nation that wants independence.

James Richardson Logan died at the age of 50 in Penang, Malaysia 20 October 1869.

He, was buried side by side with his brother Abraham, who was buried afterwards. They were two brothers who came to Penang in 1840.

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