Guide to Playing Situs Ceme Online

Guide to Playing Situs Ceme Online. Situs Ceme Online gambling is a development of domino card games. This game does have a resemblance to the Domino QQ game. Where both of these games use dominoes as a tool to play. Then each player only gets 2 cards from the dealer. And you only need to hope if the two cards that have been obtained have a number 9. Because the value of 9 is the highest in this game and immediately becomes the winner. In the game ceme uses 28 cards and each card has different values. The card value is determine by the circle on the card. Playing your Ceme Online Terbaik can not only be a player, but also can be a bookie.

Guide to Playing Situs Ceme Online

In game gambling, anyone can be a player or bookie. If you want to become a dealer, you must follow the requirements of the minimum number of chips to become a dealer. You only need to choose a table that has no dealer, so you can occupy it as a bookie. The game is play 2 to 8 players, and indeed in the game there must be 1 player who becomes a bookie. If you don’t have a dealer, surely the game won’t start. Each player will be give 2 cards. After seeing the card, you can show all players. Then the calculation will done from the city card and the player card and the winner will be determine by having the highest score.

How to Calculate Ceme Card Value

To find out the number of values Situs Judi Domino Online ​​of the cards that you have obtained. Then you have to count the number of circles in the card. If the number of circles in both cards is more than 9, then the value of the card will be reduced 10. Then if the number of circles in two cards is more than 19, it will be subtracted 20.

Determine the Winner

  • If the number of your cards is bigger than the bookie card. Then the dealer will pay according to the number of bets you pair.
  • If the number of dealer cards is greater than the player’s card. Then the bet you place will be take by the city.
  • Bandar will get a win if the value of your card is the same as the bookie. To be a player and dealer, of course there are advantages and Domino Online disadvantages that can be obtained. If you become a dealer, you will get a loss if the player often gets a high card value from the city. And then if you are a player you certainly hope to be able to beat the value of the card own by the dealer.
  • If you get a 9 card and a dealer card is smaller than 9. Then you will get pay 2 times your bet.
  • If the dealer has a BandarQ Online value of 9, then all bets place by all players will be give to the bookie. Card 9 is the highest card so anyone who gets card 9 will win the game. Then you can get a loss if the value of the card you have is the same as the value of the card belonging to the dealer.

Tips on Playing Ceme Games

  1. Before deciding to play games, you should learn the ways and rules in the game first. That way you will not be confuse to determine Ceme Deposit Pulsa the number of bets.
  2. If you are new to the game, you should determine the smallest amount of bets to avoid large losses.
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