Priest in Batam Died Corona, Dozens of Congregations Live Quarantine

Priest in Batam Died Corona, Dozens of Congregations Live Quarantine – A 51-year-old female priest with the initials S who was briefly isolated at the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Embung Fatimah Batam, Riau Islands (Riau Islands) died from Corona Virus or Covid-19.

Reverend S is known to be the first positive case of the Corona Virus in the Riau Islands, as well as the first patient who died on Sunday (3/22/2020) at around 19:30 WIB. This was confirmed by the Head of Batam City Health Office, Didi Kusmarjadi.

Priest in Batam Died

“Yes, that’s right,” he told network as reported on Sunday (3/22/2020) night.

It is known that Pastor S is the Chairperson of the GPIB Bahtera Hayat Congregation, Batam. From tracking conducted by the previous corona handling team, Pastor S briefly attended the GPIB seminar in Indonesia at Aston Hotel Bogor. The seminar was attended by church representatives from several regions in Indonesia on February 25-28, 2020.

In addition, several seminar participants, from Jakarta and one from Lampung, had previously died after Corona tested positive. It was also reported that many of the guests who attended the event were isolated and cared for at this time due to the positive Corona.

Rev. S is also said to have traveled in Jakarta and Yogyakarta, before returning to Batam on March 4, 2020. Before returning to Batam, he had a chance to travel to Yogyakarta. He departed earlier on 21 February 2020 to Jakarta.

“Upon arrival in Batam, then on March 5, the patient complained of fever, cough with phlegm,” Batam Mayor Rudi said, giving an explanation at a press conference.

After that, the patient goes to the Puskesmas near his home. Had improved on March 7, 2020, then worsened on March 10. He returned to treatment at the Priest in Batam Died Puskesmas near his home, and finally was referred to the Embung Fatimah Regional Hospital.

“After being treated, then on March 13, they are allowed to go home,” Rudi explained.

But the next day on March 14, 2020 the patient came back to Embung Fatimah Regional Hospital complaining of fever, cough with phlegm and shortness of breath, his condition worsened. Since then he has been treated at RSUD as a patient under surveillance. The patient was confirmed positive Thursday (3/19/2020), until finally reportedly died on Sunday night. referral

In addition, dozens of GPIB Bahtera Hayat congregations, Sagulung who had made direct contact with Pastor S while being treated at the Graha Hermin Hospital were localized by officers. As many as 20 people were evacuated to Rusunawa Tanjunguncang to undergo evacuation. While 25 other people asked to undergo quarantine at home.

As such, 45 of these residents have the status of people being monitored (ODP). Their condition will be monitored because of the risk of contracting it through Priest in Batam Died direct contact.

Based on intelligence from the Barelang Police intelligence, the evacuation used the Trans Batam bus BP 7058 EU. As stated in official information received by, there are 25 people who are not willing to be quarantined because they have small children and decide to quarantine in their respective homes located around the GPIB Bahtera Hayat church.

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