Organizing car racing at Monas is Inaccurate Said the Minister of Culture

Organizing car racing at Monas is Inaccurate Said the Minister of Culture – The implementation of Formula E, or Jakarta e-Prix, which is planned for June 6, is threatened to fail at the National Monument, which is a national cultural preservation.

The Ministry of Education and Culture said it would follow up on recommendations from the National Cultural Heritage Expert Team (TACB) who refused to designate the location of the circuit at the historic site.

Organizing car racing

Arrangements for the use of cultural reserves are stipulated in Law Number 11 Year 2010 concerning Cultural Heritage, including requirements regarding the implementation of studies before going on to carry out various activities. Organizing car racing

The Ministry of Culture and Culture’s Director of Cultural Protection, Fitra Arda, said that the DKI Provincial Government has not submitted the results of the studies needed to form the basis for implementing the electronic car racing policy.

In line with the view of the National TACB, Fitra also said it did not agree that the e-Prix was held at Monas and suggested a change of location.

“If the utilization causes damage, it must be preceded by studies or research. After we discussed it with the Expert Team, those things have not been fulfilled by the DKI government,” said Fitra

Recommendations from the National TACB and the results of the joint discussion will be conveyed to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and the Medan Merdeka Regional Development Steering Commission chaired by the Minister of State Secretary, Pratikno.

“The study is what makes us able to maintain the important value of the building, the area. Now, for Formula E, ethically we don’t think it’s right, [Monas] is a historic site,” added Fitra. Bandar Ceme Bonus Deposit

Unloading the circuit ‘no problem’
Last year, the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, announced that Jakarta would host Formula E 2020 and also potentially hold events for five years in a row.

The championship is an electric car race which is under the authority of the International Automotive Federation (FIA) and is predicted to be a future car race.

Formula E was initiated by Alejandro Agag in 2012 and the first race series began in Beijing on September 13, 2014. The electronic car racing circuit was indeed held on the main road in the host city each season.

The debate over the location in Jakarta followed, including consideration of the event at Gelora Bung Karno.

In early February, the Medan Merdeka Regional Development Steering Commission finally gave permission to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to use Monas for the Formula E circuit.

Giving the green light is bound by several conditions that are included in order to maintain the function and preserve cultural heritage.

The prerequisite is that DKI must construct the construction of the stands, and other facilities in accordance with the Cultural Heritage Act; maintain sustainability and trees; keep the environment clean; maintain security and order; and involve relevant agencies to avoid changes in function and damage to the reserve. Organizing car racing

The DKI Provincial Government and PT Jakarta Propertindo, or Jakpro, as the organizer, guarantee that they will meet the requirements.

However, the polemic arose when Governor Anies claimed in a letter to the chairman of the Pratikno commission that his party had received a Organizing car racing recommendation from the Cultural Heritage Expert Team (TACB), which was considered part of the move to confirm site selection.

This was denied by DKI TACB, where chairman Mundardjito said that his party had not submitted recommendations.

The DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary, Saefullah, later admitted that there was an error in Anies’s letter to Pratikno about the Formula E 2020 mat recommendation at Monas.

In his clarification, he said the issuance of recommendations was carried out by the Jakarta Restoration Session Team, or TSP DKI, not TACB. Input from both parties, TSP and TACB, but at the national level, is indeed needed in the use of Monas.

Responding to this polemic, the Chairperson of DKI Jakarta DPRD, Prasetio Edi Marsudi, on Thursday (13/02) tried to ascertain the truth of Anies’s letter directly to Pratikno’s Secretary, Setya Utama, for the sake of efforts to preserve cultural heritage.

Jakpro’s Director of Operations, M. Taufiqurrahman, said that his office had begun construction based on a plan that guarantees the integrity of the cultural heritage. He also said that he had prepared a technology that could protect natural stone in the Monas area, without damaging it in the process of loading and unloading the Formula E track later.

“The Formula E team has seen the quality of asphalt and several possibilities to coat the cobble stone or natural stone around the Merdeka Medan area with asphalt and when finished can be lifted again. That is not a problem,” Taufiqurrahman said by telephone.

He explained that organizing this race was part of a campaign to raise awareness about environmentally friendly vehicles by using electric cars.

Organizing car racing

The Provincial Government of DKI and Jakpro spent Rp1.2 trillion, and estimated it would generate state revenues of around Rp600 billion.

In the midst of the polemic, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy supports the holding of international events, including Formula E, which is considered to be able to bring in local and foreign tourists, as well as foreign exchange.

Ari Juliano Gema, Expert Staff of the Minister for Bureaucratic Reform and Regulation at Kemenparekraf, emphasized that the implementation of activities at the site of cultural heritage is important to be carried out according to regulations, including receiving permits.

However, he is also optimistic that activities outside the core competition can also encourage the participation of local Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

“The impact, or the benefits, could be double, besides getting foreign exchange from foreign tourists, it can also grow or help the local economy by organizing festivals that accompany the activities of Formula E,” Ari said.

He acknowledged that he had not yet received the results of a study regarding the potential economic value of the tourism sector.

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