Meaning Lockdown, Social Distancing, and Other Corona Terms

Meaning Lockdown, Social Distancing, and Other Corona Terms – The meaning of lockdown, social distancing, isolation, and other corona terms turns out that many are still mistaken. Yes, the new Covid-19 corona virus sourced from Wuhan, China has infected the whole world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated this virus as a global pandemic or epidemic.

Meaning Lockdown

There were a total of 198,422 cases of corona throughout the world. A number of countries have begun implementing social distancing policies to lockdown in their countries.

Various methods are used by countries in the world so that the spread of the corona virus can be prevented. YoutTube

Before discussing further, do you know the meaning of lockdown, social distancing, lockdown and others that are often used in handling corona viruses? Meaning Lockdown

Meaning Lockdown

Check out the following explanation of the terms used in handling corona virus.

  • Lockdown
    Lockdown means a situation that prohibits residents from entering a place because of an emergency. Lockdown can also mean a country that closes its borders, so that no one enters or exits their country.
  • Quarantine
    Quarantine means almost the same as isolation, which limits a person from interacting with others. The difference is, quarantine is used for someone who has been exposed to the corona virus but has not shown symptoms of pain. Although they have not shown any symptoms of being infected, the person must be quarantined to ensure they are not infected with the corona virus.
  • Social Distancing
    Social distancing is reducing the amount of activity outside the home and interacting with others, reducing direct face-to-face contact. This step includes avoiding going to places that are crowded, such as supermarkets, cinemas, and stadiums. If someone is in a condition that requires him to be in a public place, at least it is necessary to maintain a distance of about 1.5 meters from other people.
  • KLB
    Extraordinary Event Status (KLB) is a status assigned to an area that is believed to have been exposed to an illness with an alarming situation. The stipulation of outbreaks is further regulated in Minister of Health Regulation No. 1501 / Menkes / Per / X / 2010 concerning Specific Types of Communicable Diseases that Can Cause Plague and Mitigation Efforts. In this regulation, an outbreak is the emergence or increase of epidemiologically significant illness and / or death events in an area within a certain period of time, and is a condition that can lead to an outbreak.
  • Isolation
    Isolation means the act of separating an infectious patient from another person. The term isolation is usually used for someone who has shown symptoms of corona virus infection and has the opportunity to infect others, so it needs to be separated so that the virus does not spread. In this situation, the government ‘forced’ to close down a number of public places and areas to suppress the spread of the corona virus. Residents’ activities will also be limited and required to remain indoors.
Meaning Lockdown
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