Latest News From Suzuki Saluto

Latest News From Suzuki Saluto – For the past few months, the Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer, Suzuki, has been found preparing new ammunition departing from the classic scooter segment. The iron horse which is expected to launch in Indonesia in the near future is called Saluto 125.

Reporting from Greatbiker, Wednesday 15 April 2020, although the tiny motorbike is a product made in Japan, but in appearance, the Suzuki Saluto 125 was designed by a well-known Italian designer, Alessandro Tartini. So it’s only natural if his body language resembles automatic scooters alerts Vespa and Lambretta.

Nevertheless, there is the latest news that says that Saluto which will later be sold in Indonesia does not use a completely new engine, but only picks up the Suzuki Address which is marketed in several countries in Asia and Europe.

Thus, the classic scooter is equipped with a 124cc engine capacity with a maximum power of 9.2 horsepower and peak torque of 10 Newton meters. However, considering that Suzuki Indonesia has never used such a large engine in a related segment, then Saluto is likely to be the first.

Previously it was reportedly busy, Suzuki would sell Saluto 125 in Indonesia in the near future. In fact, according to reports, Saluto has landed in the country, and stored neatly in the Suzuki warehouse in Tambun, West Java. Unfortunately, until now not yet known how much the official tag of the motorbike. Poker Online Manado

Interestingly, if Saluto were actually sold domestically, the motorbike would be the first Suzuki product that could be operated without a key. Saluto also presents a button that controls the opening of the seat, keys, and several other electrically based features. In addition, a 5 volt-2 ampere USB is available which is claimed to be faster in cell phone charging.

Then, the motorbike is also equipped with headlights that are already LED, and an instrument panel that combines two different epochs, namely analog for speed indicators and LCD screens as other information displays.

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