Joy of Learning Indonesian Language in the Eyes of UGM Foreign Students

Joy of Learning Indonesian Language in the Eyes of UGM Foreign Students – Studying Indonesian turned out to give birth to joy and sorrow for some people. Like the stories recorded in the International Conference on Teaching Indonesian for Foreign Speakers (KIPBIPA) XI at UGM on 7 to 9 August 2019.

Daniel Ortiz, a Colombian student, intends to continue his Masters in Chemical Engineering at UGM. However, the language barrier made him have to learn Indonesian first. For more than six months he studied Indonesian at the Indonesian Culture and Language Learning Service (INCULS). This language institution is under the auspices of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB) UGM.

Joy of Learning Indonesian

His effort to learn this language is also not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Daniel often interacts with friends from Indonesia.

“Often speaking friends from Indonesia turned out to be quite helpful,” Daniel said, Wednesday, August 7. Daftar MenangCeme

Grammar is a problem that he still faces today. He found it difficult to learn Indonesian grammar that felt different from Spanish.

However, for the pronunciations, he has almost no problems. According to Daniel, the pronunciation in Indonesian and Spanish is similar. “Only letters C and J are different,” he said.

Pisei Mean, a student from Cambodia who intends to study S2 in Architecture Architecture UGM also studies Indonesian at INCULS.

“For master’s preparation at UGM it is necessary to learn Indonesian vocabulary and grammar,” he said.

The experience of Kem Sokvicheaodom, a student from Cambodia, learning Indonesian also drains emotions. Joy of Learning Indonesian He studied at INCULS because he would continue his Masters in Animal Husbandry at UGM.

There was a time when he found it easy to accept Indonesian language learning, there were times when he felt exasperated because he did not understand at all.

“The structure of the language is actually almost the same between Indonesian and Cambodian, which makes me excited for the past seven months studying Indonesian,” said Kem.

He admitted that he was often annoyed when learning Indonesian, especially when practicing conversations with friends from Indonesia. The knowledge he gained seemed to be meaningless when conversing because most of his friends talked using local languages. Joy of Learning Indonesian

“They speak Indonesian which is influenced by regional languages ​​and it is not possible for me to check directly on Google Translate because it is too fast,” he said.

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