Indications of Increased Understanding of Conservatism on Campus?

Indications of Increased Understanding of Conservatism on Campus? The National Women’s Commission spoke about the censorship of photographs of a number of female college administrators. The camouflaged face of the woman appears from the structure of the management structure.

Commissioner for the National Commission for Women Rainy Maryke Hutabarat said, the blurring of photographs of female college students in the organizational structure of campus management was symbolic violence against women.

“The blurring of photos of UGM and UNJ female students is a form of eliminating the role and existence of women in the organization’s text. This is symbolic violence. The campus should be a pioneer of human rights perspective texts.

He explained, the text in this case was not limited to written text, but more broadly included photos or audio visual. According to him in the narration of historical narratives, preaching, even the scriptures, women’s identity is often removed because it is considered not important. In fact, without identity and without existence.

Since the first time a woman’s identity is represented by the identity of her husband or community, some are not even mentioned. This is related to the superiority of men in their families and communities in patriarchal societies.

“Congratulations, for example, only include the name of the husband while the wife and child are adequately represented as family. In the Bible there are ‘anonymous women’, “he said.

Previously, citizens were busy debating the photos of a number of college student administrators who were censored. The face of the camouflaged woman was seen from the structure of the BEM FT and BEM FMIPA Jakarta State University (UNJ) management structure.

Information on the management of the campus organization was first distributed by the UNJ Study and Peace organization, which is concerned with the issue of gender equality. In the structure chart for the organization of campus organization, photographs of women were blurred and some were changed with animation, while men were clearly displayed.

Chairperson of the UNJ Faculty of Engineering BEM, Ibrahim Katoni Baurekso denied having blurred pictures of female administrators.

“That it is not true that there are photos of BPH women blurred, but reduced opacity,” he wrote through a written statement obtained.

Indications of Increased Understanding

Ibrahim also denied the existence of feminism, patriarchy and sexism in the body of BEM FT UNJ. Installation of photos that are reduced by opacity or darkness is the result of a joint decision. Ibrahim admitted that there were some management who did not want their photos published and there were also some who wanted their photos published.

“Until finally an agreement was reached between BPH women to keep publishing their photos on condition that they reduce their opacity,” he said. MenangCeme

Not only that, Ibrahim also conveyed an apology to those who felt offended. Ibrahim emphasized that BEM FT UNJ upheld the values ​​of differences ranging from gender, ethnicity, religion, race and between groups.

“Sorry, if anyone feels offended. Hopefully it can be an evaluation for us in the future.”

Not only BEM FT UNJ, BEM MIPA UNJ also did the same thing. In fact, the photos of female administrators at the BEM were replaced with anime Muslim women. The upload instantly became the public spotlight. Many parties consider UNJ not to support gender equality in all fields.

Chairperson of UNJ’s BEM Remy Hastian said that this was an internal agreement by related organizations.

“There is no intention that is widely conveyed, if men must dominate and be seen. As for the women, they also accept this agreement,” Remy said in a written statement.

Photographs of Women Blurred at UGM Geography UKM

BEM KM UGM President M Sulthan Farras regretted the actions of the Student Activity Unit (UKM) of the Muslim Geography Congregation (JMG) at the Faculty of Geography which blurred the photos of the organizing women organizers. The action was considered as a form of discrimination against women and gender equality.

“I just got it from the lecturer because this news reached the lecturers. I personally refused to blur the photos of the female administrator,”

According to the UGM Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) student, even though structurally JMG is not under the BEM KM and has autonomy, the actions of Spiritual SMEs cannot be justified. They should not discriminate by prohibiting women from appearing in the public sphere.

Indications of Increased Understanding

However, because structurally it is not under BEM KM, Sulthan will not take any action on JMG. Because the authority to handle the problem is more to the Dean or even the UGM Rector.

“Each organization has real authority and autonomy. But we support other organizations not to do the same thing,” he said.

JMG open the sound

JMG Faculty of Geography UGM itself reasoned that the viral action was ultimately due to fad.

“If it’s students (JMG) there are often one or two, just making fun (blurring photos of female administrators). No need to be taken seriously. Because the desire to make strange. Really only made for internal. Fine-fine course , “said UGM Indications of Increased Understanding Director of Student Affairs Suharyadi at UGM.

According to Suharyadi, who met the JMG management on Tuesday afternoon, the JMG management ensured that actions which were considered gender biased and discriminatory against women had nothing to do with radicalism. Photo blurring that was only done to the female caretaker was carried out only for JMG’s internal consumption.

Moreover, the emergence of JMG’s new board photo upload period 1441-1442 H is still in the soft launching stage. So that in the future it can still be revised in accordance with the provisions and directives of the Dean and the UGM Directorate.

“Later, the grand launching should be made according to the direction of the dean,” he said.

Suharyadi added, the campus would give an appeal to UKM in the Faculty, so that there would be improvements from students, including when uploading them on social media.

“What we are monitoring is University UKM, if in our faculty we appeal,” he said.
Previously, a photo of a number of female members of the female board of directors at JMG UKM in the Geography Faculty was blurred. Indications of Increased Understanding The photos of the female management in the preaching institute of the Faculty of Geography UGM from 1441-1442 H were uploaded on Twitter on January 8, 2020.

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