In Pakistan Throwing Boiled Eggs Is Part of the Ramadan Tradition

In Pakistan Throwing Boiled Eggs Is Part of the Ramadan Tradition – Getting ready for Ramadan, Muslims in Pakistan have their own unique Ramadan tradition, the game of boiling egg throwing.

This tradition is believed to have existed centuries ago and practiced by Muslims in Pakistan to welcome the month of Ramadan. Until now, this game is still done by people who live in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In Pakistan Throwing Boiled

How to play is the men holding boiled eggs and tapping it on the boiled eggs of other players to destroy each other. The rule is one, they must keep their own eggs undamaged.

In addition to the tradition of boiling egg throwing, many mosques in Pakistan also provide food for free both when breaking and at dawn. In Pakistan Throwing Boiled

Before the mobile era, drummers during Ramadan would pass through the streets to wake the dawn. This practice now only exists in the countryside, where traditional things are still respected.

At dawn, snacks are consumed first before starting to the main food called sehri. Sehri usually contains foods that are rich in nutrients and filling to make those who are fasting stay energized.

Traditional foods are also eaten when breaking the fast, called nihari. Nihari is a slow cooked stew, usually made from lamb, doused with ginger, lemon, and ghee, which is served together with Khameeri roti, which is flat bread with chunks of celery and sesame seeds.

Nihari is a traditional food passed down in old families. They have different names that they all claim to be original. domino qiu qiu

Pakistanis used to break their fast with dates, according to the advice of the Prophet Muhammad. The streets in Pakistan are usually very crowded when breaking the fast and tend to do it together.

For food at night can vary in each place. Many places start with fried foods such as pakora, samosas, and other fried foods.

And also curry, the meat is burned with biryani rice, fruit salad and yogurt, then covered with a sweet or savory yogurt drink called lassi.

During the day, very few people are seen eating, because it is illegal to eat or sell food during Ramadan in Pakistan. They can be fined 500 rupees or equivalent to Rp 100,000 if found.

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