Helping Corona Test Acceleration, Speaker of the DPR Submits PCR Machine to FKUI

Helping Corona Test Acceleration, Speaker of the DPR Submits PCR Machine to FKUI – Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament, Puan Maharani said that a rapid but accurate mass test was needed to prevent the transmission or transmission of positive patients from the Corona Virus to others. Puan hands over 1 unit of PCR machines and 21 Box Detection Kits for 2019-nov to the Microbiology Lab FK UI, as a form of commitment to help accelerate the Corona test.

“The earlier we know that someone is exposed to the Corona Virus, the easier it is for us to take precautions to break the chain of transmission. Therefore, the availability of specimen test kits is needed, “Puan ordered, to the leadership of the Microbiology Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FK UI), Jakarta, Tuesday (4/14/2020) afternoon.

Helping Corona Test Acceleration

Corona’s test machine assistance was handed over by the Chairman of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Faction, Utut Adianto at the UI Microbiology Lab in the Cikini Area, Central Jakarta.

Assistance was received by the Deputy Dean of FKUI for Research and Student Education, Prof. dr. Dwiana Ocviyanti, SpOG (K), MPH.

In his written remarks, Puan stated, from the beginning, the House of Representatives had appealed that the Corona test must be carried out massively and proportionally, given the total population of Indonesia which reached more than 260 million people. According to Puan, the faster and more Covid-19 test results can be detected, the stronger the quality of the data we have to be the basis for making appropriate or effective health policy.

“Therefore, today, I handed over mutual assistance to equipment to FKUI in the form of 1 Unit PCR Machine and 21 Box Detection Kit for 2019-nnCov,” said the PDI-P politician.

Puan hopes that her assistance can be used to support and accelerate FKUI’s activities in detecting the results of Covid-19 examination tests. Helping Corona Test Acceleration

“Indonesia has health experts such as in FKUI, whose knowledge is very qualified, which we must support with the help of adequate equipment,” he said. poker online makassar

The Department of Microbiology UI expressed thanks for the assistance provided by the Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament, Puan Maharani.

“This tool is certainly very helpful for us, who are currently required to conduct 1000 specimen tests every day, while the capacity of the equipment in the lab has only 300 samples. Of course the addition of this tool will help, and we can overcome the pandemic successfully, “said Chairman of the FKUI Microbiology Department, Dr. Fera Ibrahim, Phd, SpMk (K).

He added, the contribution of the PCR machine from Puan would increase the capacity of the UI Microbiology Lab test to 900 samples per day.

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