Garut Funds The Life of Its Overseas Residents, As long as Don’t Go Home Go Home

Garut Funds The Life of Its Overseas Residents, As long as Don’t Go Home Go Home – The Government of Garut Regency, West Java will finance the lives of its citizens who migrate to the corona virus epicenter. With the condition that the citizens are not allowed to go back and forth to Garut.

The Garut Regency Government has prepared assistance to meet the necessities of life for underprivileged residents left overseas by members of their families outside the city during the corona outbreak emergency.

Garut Funds The Life

“We ask them (migrants) already do not go home to Garut, God willing, there is someone in charge of Garut, for rice there,” said Regent Garut Rudy Gunawan told reporters in Garut, Tuesday (03/31/2020).

Garut residents who migrate are not all rich people. But there are from the poor who have to look for income, then the money is sent to Garut to support his family. According to Rudy, all this time Garut residents who forced to return home to Garut during this corona emergency condition because they were worried about the fate of his family members in Garut.

“If the family does not return home, they are not rich, they look for livelihoods that are sent to the village,” he said. bandarq

He revealed, the funds that were ready to be disbursed by the Garut Regency Government were aid funds for RW in the amount of Rp. 10 million that could be used by each RW for the needs of disadvantaged families left behind to migrate.

“We are using instrument funds which currently have Rp 10 million in mutual assistance,” he said. The regent appealed to all Garut residents who wander to follow government directives so as not to go home to prevent the spread of the corona virus outbreak.

Especially, said Rudy, Garut residents who have been migrating in areas designated as red zones of corona virus outbreaks such as Jakarta and surrounding cities. The President asked that there not be going home, “said Rudy.

He added, the spread of the corona virus outbreak was caused by physical contact between humans, if people who had been exposed to the virus would be easily Garut Funds The Life spread to anyone around him, including his family. If the virus is silent, which moves humans, then please with an incident like this be silent first,” he said. (Among)

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