For Video Engineering Fights in Thamrin, Student-Lecturer Arrested

For Video Engineering Fights in Thamrin, Student-Lecturer Arrested – The police arrested four people related to the making of an engineering video of a fight on the zebra crossing Thamrin which was viral on social media. Two of them are lecturers and students at a university in Jakarta.

For Video Engineering Fights

Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Senior Commissioner Heru Novianto said the incident took place at Zebra Cross Thamrin, on Tuesday (11/2). He mentioned that the fight was fabricated.

“The point is actually not fighting but fabricated. So from there the police team conducted an investigation and had arrested the perpetrators of the fight and it turned out that after being examined only engineering,” Heru said at the Central Jakarta Metro Police

Heru said several times later his party also arrested two actors F (25) and Y (21) makers and disseminators of the engineering video. In addition, four people suspected of being paid for fighting were also arrested.

“The main culprit is F (25), his status as a lecturer at a university in Jakarta. The other student is the initial Y (21) as a disseminator in the social media, there are 4 people who are paid, the craftsmen,” said Heru.

Motif Actor
There are four people with the initials D, BI, US, and AW who are paid by FG ​​to make a scene as if he was attacked by four unknown people while crossing the zebra crossing in the MH Thamrin area. While the video recorder is YES.

“YA’s student is the one who recorded the fight. She came from a private university in Jakarta,” said Guntur.

“These perpetrators want to impress that in Jakarta it is not safe and prone to criminal acts,” he added.

When interrogated, FG admitted his actions to manipulate video scenes to increase his popularity on social media through the spread of fake news.

“The video is for content. It was a wing chung martial arts fight,” said FG. Bandar Ceme Bonus New Member

Threatened 10 Years in Prison
Two video creators who became the main actors and people who recorded engineering fights with the initials F (25) and Y (21) face a 10-year prison sentence for violating the Information and Electronic Transaction Law (ITE).

“We have named these suspects for making them uneasy and troubling with false news. The threat of a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison,” said Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Commissioner Pol Heru Novianto in front of the HI Roundabout Police Station, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (18/2) .

In the investigation, F, who works as a lecturer at a private university, admitted that he spread the engineering video to gain the highest number of followers and viewers on social media.

“The purpose of spreading the video is to increase viewers and followers so that there are benefits from endorsement,” Heru said.

For Video Engineering Fights

In his confession when interviewed directly by reporters, F claimed not to think his actions would cause unrest towards the community.

“I won’t think it will cause unrest because I want it to be entertainment. I don’t know the future impact, I don’t think that far,” said F.

For his actions who want to gain popularity and spread fake news videos or hoaxes FG and YA are threatened with being snared by the ITE Law, article 28 paragraph 1 jo 45 A Act 19 of 2016 concerning amendments to Law Number 11 of 2008 and or article 14 sub 15 Law Number 1 of 1946 concerning criminal law regulations

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