Earth Day 2020 This Can Be Done to Preserve Nature

Earth Day 2020 This Can Be Done to Preserve Nature – April 22 is celebrated as World Earth Day. Our day is reminded of the importance of preserving nature. Because, the earth we live in can be damaged by irresponsible behavior from humans.

Unlike the Earth Day of the previous year, Earth Day this time around the world still faces the problem of the corona virus outbreak. Even so, it is not an obstacle for us to keep protecting the environment.

Earth Day 2020 This Can Be Done to Preserve Nature

Launching from the site How Stuff Works and WWF, here are four things that can be done to preserve nature on this Earth Day.

Plant Trees

You are certainly familiar with the function of the trees around us. Yes, trees are useful for absorbing carbon dioxide at night and releasing oxygen during the day. The other function is to combat climate change.

For this reason, it helps us to help the earth by planting only one tree. In corona times like this, even trees can be planted in home yards so there is no reason not to do it.

Reducing The Use Of Plastic

Plastic has a composition of materials that are very difficult to decompose. Even after being thrown away, he can stay in the same position for a long time. Unfortunately, even the accumulation of plastics is bad for the environment and marine life.

So now, avoid using plastic when on the move. Especially when going shopping at supermarkets during the Covid-19 outbreak, try to bring your own bag from home.

Save Electricity

Besides being able to reduce costs, saving electricity is also good for environmental sustainability. Because, the use of electricity indirectly will reduce the production of toxic gases that tarnish nature. Poker Online Jakarta

One small step that can be done while at home because of the corona virus outbreak, you can start by turning off the unused lights and unplug the cable attached to the socket.

Limit Water Use

In order to preserve the environment, limiting the use of water is also worth doing. Because, water that is used excessively can reduce the supply of clean water. Plus, new problems in the form of used dirty water flow will enter the sea and endanger the lives of the biota there. So from now on, use the toilet wisely and avoid continuing to open the faucet if the bathtub is still full.

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