Guide on How to Play Domino QiuQiu

Guide on How to Play Domino QiuQiu. Playing Dominoqq Online is arguably tricky and easy because in addition to having the required playing techniques hockey is also quite good. Strong instinct in playing is also very influential in this online gambling game.

DominoQQ or also known as Domino 99 or Domino qiu qiu is a traditional card game in the past that is fun and fun to play. But in this day and age you can play anywhere and anytime because you can play this game online. Although more or less rely on luck or luck, but basically you have to understand this game first. Be it the basics in playing or techniques that you can apply.

Guide on How to Play Domino QiuQiu

Dominoqq is a card game that Judi Ceme Online has a total of 28 cards in which each card has a different value. Online Dominoqq can be play by 2 to 6 people at 1 table. Each player will initially be dealt 3 cards where 2 of the 3 cards are combine to become the best card first. After that the player will raise a bet or check. If you have place a bet then the 4th card will dealt. After that you arrange it into 2 pairs of value from the four cards in your hand. For the calculation of the value if it exceeds the number 9, then only the back number is take. If a player does not take a bet then Bandar Ceme that player is declare to be losing.

In Dominoqq Online There are 7 types of domino cards. The following 7 series of cards in the domino gambling game are series 0, series 1, series 2, series 3, series 4 series 5, and series 6 as shown below.

How to count cards for Dominoqq games online

to count cards in a dominoqq game is to count the number of dots on the card, for example:

On the first card 0 + 4 then the value of the card you get is 4. Then there is another 5 + 2 if added together then the value you get is 7. For values that exceed the number 9 then the only value is take behind it. For example you can see in the second row of the first card. The cards that get are 8 and 2 then 8 + 2 results are 10. Then the Ceme Online value of the card that is take or you get is 0.

The next way to count dominoes by adding up the rounded values on the left and right cards. In Domino QiuQiu online, cards will be count automatically. If the value of the card is the same then the winner is determine by the ownership of the log. But if you don’t have any logs, the winner will be determined by the highest value the player has.

Types of Special Cards in Dominoqq Online Games

In the domino game itself it has special cards or commonly called the god cards. This special card itself is also a Jackpot card, the following types of special cards:

  • The first special card is the SIX GOD CARD where this card is the highest special card in Dominoqq games. The Six Gods Card is a combination of the four cards in which the value of each card has a total of 6 spheres.
  • The second highest special card under the Dewa Card is 4 CALD CARD where this card is a combination of 4 cards. Each of which has a log or has the same / similar / twin round number.
  • The third special card is PURE BIG, for the big pure card itself the way is by adding up the four cards in hand and must be at least 40 spheres, just to say Pure is big. If it does not reach 40, it is not pure big.
  • The fourth special card is PURE SMALL, for small pure this is the opposite of pure big. Ie the number of four cards Poker Online in hand does not exceed 9 spheres.
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