Corona Danger, Natural Risk 10 Complications If Infected

Corona Danger, Natural Risk 10 Complications If Infected – Most new or covid-19 corona virus infections are mild to moderate, according to published data. But on the one hand, the death rate from this disease continues to increase. Many of these deaths are triggered by corona complications.

There are various diseases that can appear as complications of corona virus infection. Apart from those related to breathing, heart disease and liver damage to the kidneys can also be a Covid-19 complication that needs to be watched out for. Of course, not everyone who is corona positive will definitely experience severe complications. However, some groups of individuals are indeed at higher risk of complications due to corona.

For most people, the symptoms that arise due to corona virus infection are indeed not too severe. Some of them can even be treated at home. But unfortunately, not all conditions of people with this infection can undergo treatment at home until healed. But for groups of vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and people with concomitant diseases such as heart disease or diabetes, Covid-19 infection can develop into a very severe condition.

List of complications due to corona

  1. Pneumonia
    Pneumonia will cause the air sacs in the lungs to become inflamed and make it hard to breathe. In a study of Covid-19 positive patients whose condition was severe, it was seen that his lungs were filled with fluid, pus, and cell debris. This inhibits oxygen that should be delivered throughout the body. In fact, oxygen is needed so that various organs in the body can carry out their functions. If there is no oxygen, the organ will be damaged. DominoQQ
  2. Acute Respiratory Failure
    When experiencing respiratory failure, the body cannot receive enough oxygen and cannot get rid of enough carbon dioxide. The condition of acute respiratory failure occurs in approximately 8 percent of patients who are positive Covid-19 and is a major cause of death in patients with corona virus infection.
  3. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
    ARDS is a fairly common corona complication. According to several studies conducted in China, around 15 to 33 percent of patients experience it. ARDS will make the lungs badly damaged because this disease makes the lungs filled with fluid. As a result, oxygen will be difficult to get in, causing the sufferer to have difficulty breathing until it needs the help of a ventilator or breathing apparatus.
  4. Acute Liver Damage
    Although the corona virus causes infections in the respiratory tract, but its complications can spread to the liver. People with severe corona infections are at greatest risk of liver damage.
  5. Damage To The Heart
    Covid-19 is said to cause heart-related complications. Cardiac disorders that are at risk include arrhythmias or heart rhythm abnormalities, and myocarditis or inflammation of the heart muscle.
  6. Secondary Infection
    Secondary infection is a second infection that occurs after the initial infection and is not related to the initial illness. For example, Covid-19 is an infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Then, the sufferer then experiences another infection caused by staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria. In Covid-19 patients, this complication is rare, but still has the potential to appear. Some are mild and can heal. However, some of them have secondary infections which are severe, causing death.
  7. Acute Kidney Failure
    Complications of this corona are rare. But when it appears, these complications can be very dangerous. If kidney function is disrupted, the doctor may undergo dialysis until the condition is healed. But sometimes, this condition can not be cured and make sufferers of chronic kidney failure and need long-term treatment.
  8. Septic Shock
    Septic shock occurs when the body’s response to infection is misplaced. So, instead of destroying the virus that causes disease, chemicals made by the body actually destroy healthy organs. If this process does not stop immediately, blood pressure will drop dramatically to a dangerous stage and cause death.
  9. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)
    This disease will make the blood clotting process disrupted. Thus, the body will form blood clots that are not in place. This can cause bleeding in internal organs or vital organ failure (kidney failure, liver failure, heart failure, and others). In China, this disease is commonly experienced by patients who die from Covid-19 infection.
  10. Rhabdomyolisis
    This disease is actually very rare. However, doctors and researchers assess this disease needs to be monitored in high-risk patients who are positive Covid-19. In rhabdomyolisis, muscle tissue will be damaged and die. This causes a protein in cells called myoglobin to spill over into the bloodstream. If the kidneys cannot properly filter myoglobin, there will be a malfunction in the body and result in death.
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