Complete Guide To Play Ceme Keliling

Complete Guide To Play Ceme Keliling. Game Ceme or Domino Dealer is a simple online card gambling game that and you can play. In this game you are give 2 choices, namely whether you want to play as a player or as a dealer.

The way to play Bandar Ceme is almost similar to Domino Qiu Qiu. The difference is that Domino Qiu Qiu uses 4 dominoes while the Ceme Keliling game only but uses 2 Domino cards.

Complete Guide To Play Ceme Keliling

Types of Card Series in Online Games:

a domino card set but consists of 7 series cards. Each card has different values. The following Ceme Keliling are the types of domino card series:

  • Series 0 Card (Blank)

A total of 7 cards and each card has an empty section on the top or bottom side.

  • Series 1 cards

Total of 6 cards and each card has one big circle on the top or bottom.

  • Series 2 cards

A total of 5 cards and each card has two circles on the top or bottom.

  • Series 3 cards

Total 4 cards and each card has three circles on the top or bottom.

  • Series 4 cards

A total of 3 cards and each card has four circles on the top or bottom.

  • Series 5 cards

A total of 2 cards and each card has five circles on the top or bottom.

  • Series 6 cards

Only 1 card has six circles on the top or bottom side.

Ceme Keliling

How to Calculate Ceme Cards Online

To find out the count in the game, just count the number of circles on each card on the left and add the total circle on the right.
Remember the highest value is 9. If the result is more than 10, 20, or 30, the number take is the number of the last digit of the result.

The Ceme game is Agen Poker Terpercaya playing and by 2 to 8 players. The players will be give a Black Chair and one player acting as a dealer will be given a Red Chair. If no one acts as a bookie, then the game will not start until one of the but players becomes a dealer.

How to play Bandar Ceme

Each player gets 2 cards to be distribution by the dealer. But before the cards are distribution, the dealer will give 7 players all the time to place bets. After the time has expired, the dealer will distribute the cards to each player. Each player but is give 10 seconds to save Domino QQ Online Uang Asli the card they have. Then they have to open and complain the cards they have with the card owned by the dealer.

Determine the Winner in the Online Game Ceme

  • Winning Players
    If the value of the player’s card is greater than that of the dealer, the dealer will pay the player’s bet amount.
  • Winning Bookie/Dealer
    When the value of the card owned by the dealer is greater than the player, the dealer will take the betting money from the player.
  • Series = Bookie/Dealer Win
    If the value of the card is own by the same player or dealer or series, then the dealer who will win and the dealer is entitle to take the player’s bet money.
  • Qiu Card (Winning Player)
    If a player has 9 cards or qiu, then the dealer must pay twice the and value of the player’s bet.
  • Qiu Card (Bandar Win)
    If the dealer has 9 cards, the dealer will take all bets on the table because even though the player has a higher value.

Special Cards In Ceme Online Games

Special cards in the Ceme game only but apply to Jackpots. Because a special card must consist of 4 cards, the dealer and players must combine their cards to win the jackpot prize.

If you play as a bookie and want to get a jackpot, you have to buy a jackpot for all players (including yourself). This will give you more opportunities to win but more than one Jackpot.

If you play as a player, you only need to buy a Jackpot for yourself.

Note: If a card combination between a player and a dealer matches one because of the special cards below. The jackpot will be give to the player or dealer and who because bought the Jackpot for that round.

1). Six God Cards

Only 4 of the 28 dominoes but have six points on it. Players and bookies but must have this card combination.

2). Balak Card

The upper and lower sides have and the same number of points including blanks. Players and bookies must have this card combination to get the Twin Series and Jackpot.

3). Pure Big Card

Murni Besar is the third Situs DominoQQ Online 24 Jam sequence of cards but on a special card. If you and the city have cards with a total circle between 39 and 43, then you already have a Big Pure Card. No more players will have pure big cards like but this.

4). Small Pure Card

This is the fourth CC Poker Online card sequence from but a special card. If your card and city have a total circle between 6 and 9, then your card and dealer are Pure Small Cards. No other but player will get the same card like this.

Jackpot Payments on Online Games

The order of the jackpots in the Bandar Ceme IDN Online game is as follows:

  • Card 6 God: 6666x
  • Twins Card: 200x
  • Pure Big Card: 50x
  • Pure Small Card: 50x

How to Get Jackpot in Online Game Ceme

To get a but Jackpot prize, the player or dealer must buy a Jackpot in each round of the game. 100, 500 and 1,000 / 2,000 jackpots available. 1,000 and 2,000 jackpots are only specific to VIP / Super VIP tables.

Example: 1,000 jackpots and get a 6 Deity Card, the payment is 1,000 x 6666 = 6,666,000

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