Strategy to play Ceme Keliling Online

Strategy to play Ceme Keliling Online – Mobile Ceme is one of the most popular games and is play using dominoes. Traveling Ceme is almost the same as the Bandar Ceme game usually. What distinguishes the two games is Bandar Ceme with a fixed city system. Whereas Ceme goes around with the bandar system around or rotating around clockwise.

Ceme games have been know for a long time, which can be play offline or playing at a dealer or dealer. For now you can already feel or play but online. You can play via mobile phones and computers using the fast and stable internet.

Strategy to play Ceme Keliling Online

In this article, I will provide but guide to playing the Most Trust Online Ceme Roving. We will provide Agen Judi Poker IDNPlay a play guide below.

How to Calculate Domino Cards In a Ceme Game Around

  • If the combination of 2 cards is worth more than 9, it will be reduce by the number 10.
  • If the combination of 2 cards is worth more than 19, then the number 20 will be reduce.

Guide to Playing Ceme Around

  1. Ceme Keliling can be play by 2 to 8 people and one player will become a dealer.
  2. The city system in the Ceme Roving game is the dealer alternately or rotates in a clockwise direction.
  3. The card used is a domino card consisting of 28 cards and each card has a different value.
  4. Each player will be give 2 cards including because a dealer.
  5. To determine the winner is determine from the one who has the highest card value then the winner.
  6. The highest score in the Mobile Ceme game is 9 or Kiu.
  7. The lowest value in Ceme Deposit Pulsa the Ceme Roving game is 0 or 10.
  8. If the player’s card value is higher than the city card’s value, the winner is the player.
  9. If the value of the dealer card is higher than the value of the player’s card, the winner is the dealer.
  10. And then if a player and dealer card is worth a series or the same, then the winner is the dealer. In essence the value of the player must be higher than the value of the dealer.
  11. If the player’s card is worth 9, the dealer will pay 2x the value of the player’s bet. Whereas the dealer who gets a score of 9, then all players have certainly lost.
  12. Ceme Mobile has a special card or jackpot card consisting of Six Gods, Twins, Pure Big, and Pure Small.
  13. Explanation for special cards or jackpot cards in the Trusted Online Ceme Around game.

Jackpot / Special Cards In Ceme Around Games From Highest to Lowest

  • Six Gods is a card combination that Situs Domino Terpercaya has a value of 6 cards each.
  • Twins is a combination of cards with the upper and lower sides by having the same number of circles.
  • Big Pure is a card combination with a value of at least 39 circles.
  • Small Pure is a card combination Bandar Poker Online Pkv with a maximum value of 9 circles.

Note: seen from the value of 2 player cards with a value of 2 bookie cards.

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