British PM Reportedly Returning From Hospital

British PM Reportedly Returning From Hospital – It was previously known that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after the symptoms of the Corona Virus or Covid-19 he had gotten worse for a week and had been treated at St Thomas’s Hospital in London.

British PM Reportedly Returning From Hospital

The Prime Minister has been allowed to go home and is undergoing his recovery at Checkers Inggirs as told by a spokesman for Downing Street which is Johnson’s residence outside London.

Until now it was not announced whether the repatriation meant that he had returned from Covid-19, but clearly the doctor had appealed for Johnson not to work first after discharge from the hospital and was expected to rest until recovery was complete.

As it has been given that Johnson is no longer treated at the ICU because Johnson was previously reportedly being treated at the ICU because for 3 days he was in a bad condition.

But the day after that it was reported that Johnson was able to take a walk in the hospital complex.

Boris also previously said that he owed his life to the National Health Service (NHS) after saving his life.

Then in England alone the victims due to the positive Corona Virus reached 65,077 cases of infected people. Of that many there are 7,978 victims died and 135 people declared cured.

But according to some British scientists, the country is still doing fine because the mortality rate is still below 20,000 Poker Online Pontianak.

And also before Johnson who was 55 years old on Sunday night after his body temperature increased and coughing was immediately rushed to the hospital and ICU room for 3 nights. And also Johnson was the first world leader to be hospitalized with COVID-19. After that there was also Prince Charles who was also exposed to the Covid-19 virus.

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