Andrea Dian Announces Positive Corona Virus

Andrea Dian Announces Positive Corona Virus

Andrea Dian Announces Positive Corona Virus – Actress Andrea Dian announced she was positively infected by corona. This he shared through his social media account on Instagram @andreadianbimo.

In his post, he explained that he had previously experienced symptoms of fever on March 13, 2020. After being taken to a private hospital, he was initially diagnosed with dengue fever and required himself to be hospitalized.

After his condition improved, he wanted to be sure to re-check all his body conditions. But when scanned the lung, there are spots on the right and left.

Finally he did a swab check on March 16, 2020 to determine whether he was infected with the corona virus COVID-19. Afterwards, on March 18 he was tested positive for corona infection.

That night, he was immediately transferred to a hospital that the government referred him to immediately be isolated. Kapan Jackpot Ceme Keluar Even so he stated his condition was healthy, and urged people not to worry.

I’m positively infected with COVID-19. Through this message I want the people closest to me that I care about, and those who later met me, to become aware and take precautions before the virus spreads.
Don’t worry, I’m okay.

Andrea Dian Announces Positive Corona Virus

Initially I had a fever on March 13 and was immediately taken to a Private Hospital. There I was diagnosed with Dengue Fever and was immediately hospitalized. On the 15th, I’ve started to fit. But because of worry I was asked to check thorax. The result is good. Check influenza, the results are negative. And during a lung scan, there are spots on the right and left. Because there are spots, the next day on March 16, I checked the swab to test whether I was infected with the Covid-19 virus or not.

Only on March 18 was I informed that I was positive Covid-19.

That night I was transferred to the hospital the government was referring to for me to be isolated. I have an auto immune condition which makes me have certain demands to maintain my immune condition. I am now in a room with 5 other positive patients with different conditions. I am healthy and have no complaints whatsoever. But in this room some friends aren’t in the best condition. The nurses and doctors here are very friendly and helpful. But I saw for myself how they were overwhelmed by the large number of patients, both positive and suspect. I was lucky to get a bed, despite the improvised room facilities. But outside there are still many who can not get a decent place to rest. Some patients say some sleep on the ward, even on the container. If there is an authorized person reading this message, please pay more attention to these medical personnel, facilities and patient handlers who are isolated like the basics; sanitizer, tissue, soap, drinking water, we are lacking. What is also important is the handling of booming patients. All of us, both patients and health workers here need help. Need proper equipment and a clear system

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