After Closed 2 Weeks All Casinos in Macau Reopened

After Closed 2 Weeks All Casinos in Macau Reopened – After being shut down in early February due to an increasingly endemic corona virus, all casinos in Macau were finally allowed to operate again.

Casinos in Macau Reopened

Reported by AP News, the announcement was made by Macau Finance Secretary, Lei Wai Nong, Monday (17/2), in a press conference. Nong said the closure, which took place on February 5, had made the Macau’s economy plummet.

The condition was felt directly by the biggest casino companies in Macau Wynn Resort and Las Vegas Sands Corp. Macau has long been known as the center of world gambling after Las Vegas in the United States.

After Closed 2 Weeks All Casinos in Macau Reopened

Macau is a former Portuguese colony that is now part of China’s sovereignty. Macau status is the same as Hong Kong.

Nong said, all casinos in Macau will be allowed to resume their activities on Wednesday (2/20). Not only casinos, the local government also plans to open other entertainment facilities such as cinemas, internet cafes, bars and fitness centers.

The reopening of the Macau gambling center is expected to lift the tourism sector that has rocked during the Chinese economy’s economy during a corona virus originating in Wuhan, China, to plague.

Reported by Bloomberg, the US Rating Agency, Fitch Ratings, estimates that the crisis has cost gambling centers, such as Las Vegas Sands Corp and MGM Resorts International for $ 3.3 billion or Rp. 45 trillion.

Earlier, the Economic Consultant told the New York Times, as long as the Asian casino center was closed it was expected to cut Macau gambling revenues by up to 15 percent per year. 99 Bandar

This virus certainly has an impact on the economic slowdown of Macau. Because, more than 90 percent of visitors come from mainland China. Chinese New Year which is usually a record visitor, has now dropped dramatically by 80 percent.

As of Monday (17/2) corona virus claimed the lives of 1,775 people worldwide. The majority of fatalities are in China.

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