Guide to Playing AduQ Online for Beginners

Guide to Playing AduQ Terpercaya for Beginners – AduQ games are very much awaited and played by gambling players. AduQ is a betting game that uses dominos using real money. This game is already very well know by the people of Indonesia. In this game you can find it on Facebook, Playstore, Instagram and others.

This AduQ game is almost the same as the BandarQ game. The only difference between the two games is that BandarQ plays only using 2 dominoes and one of the players acts as a dealer. While the AduQ Terpercaya game also plays using 2 dominoes but does not use a dealer but one player against another player.

Guide to Playing AduQ Terpercaya for Beginners

To become a professional, of course you must know in advance the basics of the game. That way you will more easily become a professional at playing Trusted Online Gambling AduQ. If you do not know or understand the basis of the game, you will find it difficult to win in playing. Therefore this article will provide guidance on playing Situs AduQ Terpercaya to easily win.

Guide to Calculating AduQ Online Dominoes

  • If 2 dominoes with a value above 9, then your card value will be reduced by a value of 10. Example: 6 + 9 = 15 – 10 = 5, then the value you get is 5.
  • If 2 dominoes with a value above 19, then your card value will be reduced by a value of 20. Example: 12 + 9 = 21 – 20 = 1, then the value you get is 1.

Very easy is not a way to calculate the value of the card you have. With you mastered the calculation of numbers, then you will have no trouble playing AduQ Terpercaya.

Guide to the Trusted Online AduQ Game System

  • AduQ can be play with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 players without using a dealer or dealer. In the meaning of player vs player.
  • The cards use are 1 set of dominoes consisting of 28 dominoes with each card having a different value.
  • Each player will be distribute 2 dominoes.
  • To determine the winner is determine from who has the highest card value then it will be the winner. The highest value in AduQ is 9.
  • If several players have the highest score with the same number of rounds, then the bet will not be divide but will be replayed with the one with the highest number of winning cards then the winner. If there is still no one has a chain of custody then the highest unit card value will chosen as the winner.

Trusted AduQ Play Guide

  • Determine the chips you want to bring to play before entering the game table. After that you determine which table you want to play.
  • Then you are give the choice to choose which seats will bring good luck.
  • After choosing a seat, you are give a few seconds to place a bet with the nominal in accordance with the table you choose. Each betting table has a different betting value.
  • After taking part in placing a bet you will be give 2 cards and will be give a few seconds to save or peek at the card you have.
  • After that, all players are invite to open their own cards and will be report from one player to another player.
  • And the last one is determining the winner. For those who have the highest card value, it will come out as the winner.
  • After you have understood the guide to playing AduQ Online, of course we will give you some tips and tricks to win right as below.

Tips and tricks on Winning Playing AduQ

Determine Victory Targets

Determine the winning target before you start playing. In this case it is very important in terms of playing online gambling. If you apply the tips on this one, you will feel every day always win in playing without feeling big or many loses.

Playing at a table with a lucky or lucky number

Tips on this one are very widely use by professional players who win the game being play. But there are still many players who do not know the tips and tricks on this one can affect their chances of winning.

Bring enough capital

Playing AduQ is also very influential with the capital they have. If you have too little capital, it will affect your chances of winning. With the greater capital you have, the greater the chances of winning you will achieve.

Play With Focus and Concentration

In playing online gambling, of course, it must have concentration and focus. If a lot of things – things that will interfere with your focus and concentration then immediately stop playing first. That way you will have difficulty winning the game. Keep things that will interfere with your focus and concentration in play, such as while watching TV, reading the newspaper. drinking alcohol and narcotics.

Playing With Moving – Moving the Table

If you play in a losing state for more than 3 times in a row. Then hurry up and move to a game chair or table game. If you play by applying tips and tricks on this one, then you will feel more often won than lost.

Stop Playing When Your Target Is Reach

If the target you set has been reach, then immediately stop playing and immediately make a withdrawal of funds or withdraw your capital. Stop playing that day and you can continue playing again the next day. With you will always feel the win every day.

Maybe many players who see or read on these winning tips and tricks will assume it won’t work. But with the tips and tricks above if you practice every day and follow the tips and tricks above you will feel the victory every day and without feeling the losers.

Hopefully the article really helps you as a beginner player. And of course you have to practice every day and more than 1 hour. Then you will become a professional player.

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